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What Guinness Record Aneta should try to break now?
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Photos from Rome
piątek, 27 kwiecień 2012
The Gallery got updated with the photos of Aneta's visit in Rome , where she participated in the Guinness World Records TV show.
Guinness Record and Facebook
wtorek, 06 marzec 2012
Aneta Florczyk - car wheelbarrowAneta will once again try to beat the Guinness Record! This time she's been invited to Rome, where she'll take part in a duel with her fellow strongwoman Anki Öberg. The ladies will struggle with a car wheelbarrow - 450 kg (990 lbs) on 25 meters. The event will take place on 30th of March as a part of Guinness Records TV show.

Aneta would also like to invite you to her Facebook page. There the freshest news, most recent photost and most interesting curiosities will be posted.
Aneta's new feat
sobota, 21 maj 2011
Check Aneta's YouTube channel and see how she bends a steel bar - HERE .
New pictures
środa, 11 maj 2011
There are some new pictures in the gallery from Aneta's visit to Japan. Watch them HERE .
Greetings from Japan
niedziela, 27 luty 2011
As we already announced, between 13th and 16th of February Aneta stayed in Japan. She was invited as a guest in a popular Japanese show. Her appearance consisted of a few old and a few new strength feats. We will write about this more, as soon as we're permitted by the restrictions from the TV. Meanwhile, we suggest you to take a moment and take a look at the pictures from Aneta's visit in this exotic country - the gallery is already available .
Japanese records of Miss Councilor
czwartek, 10 luty 2011
We're updating again after a break, but with two very interesting news. The first one is connected with a banner we posted recently - the one in Polish - and it's about Aneta's entirely new role. The other one is about the continuation of an adventure, that we were writing about a few times.
Kalisz - an event with Aneta
wtorek, 09 listopad 2010
Aneta kandyduje w Malborku
niedziela, 31 październik 2010
>>>English version of this article is not available!
Banner kandydatki
Weightlifting Polish Championship
poniedziałek, 12 lipiec 2010
On the 27th of June, women's weightlifting Polish Championship took place in Pulawy - a second weightlifting contest Aneta participated after her 8-years break (refer to the last article). We won't tell you too much if we say, that she didn't succeed like in strongwoman competitions, however the course of the event was very interesting. Read more about this from her coach (in both disciplines):
Weightlifting competition
niedziela, 23 maj 2010
Aneta wanted to try something different this time and took part in weightlifting contest - District Championship in Malbork (22.05.2010). Even she herself didn't expect, that results will be that good.

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